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    I just got a DVD Maker usb 2.0, and I edited my first video but when i play it in windows media player its choppy. Its like playing a game on the interent when it lags. Do I need to buy something for my computer? My comps a piece Emachine.

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    I reckon the USB device dropped frames during capture. Defrag the drives (duh!) and try recapturing while all unnecessary running programs/tasks are closed, and see what happens. Also, bad analog sources often cause dropped frames. Test your capture device by capturing 1-2 min from a different source.
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    i doubt a defrag would fix it, before you edit the footage convert it to uncompressed dv then edit it, i think that'll fix it.
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    It could well be a fragmented harddrive. One of the most common problems associated with a fragmented drive is dropped frames - which results in "jerky" playback.

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