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    I thought that I would post my new video that Ive made. I especially wanted to try my new camera glider that I built yesterday night,

    This is the movie, please give me some response what you think and what kind of impression you got

    This is how the camera slider looks like.

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    I'm sure as you use it more the slide will be less jerky. It wasn't bad but it did have little bit of inconsistency in the motion. If you try attaching a piece of elastic to pull it this may help with a smoother flow of motion. The main thing in using the device is to use it sparingly in your videos. Otherwise the same slider shot becomes monotonous.

    I thought you did a good job with it.

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    I understand what you mean, I will try to pull it with some elastic rope I agree with using the slider too much, but it was all about trying the slider out Thanks for the response, appriciate it alot!

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