Hi all,

Hope someone here can help me, this is driving me nuts. I'm a video editing newbie with a basic understanding of interlacing - I've searched the forums and found I've already tried most suggestions to no avail.

I have a project in Premiere 6.5 which is constructed of, unfortunately, a variation of clips that were captured with Lower Field First (LFF) and Upper Field First) UFF. These clips were also captured at 32Khz audio sample rate, buts a whole other problem...

Anyway, I can get the project to look fine in preview by reversing field dominance as appropriate for the clips. I then export as LFF, and without de-interlace (my end goal is to burn to DVD).

I'm then converting to MPEG2 with WinAVI, and importing into DVD-Lab to create the DVD image.

But when I burn that image and play it on the TV its all flickery, like with a field dominace problem.

So...I went the next obvious step, and inverted all the field options I had on all clips, and re-exported, hoping the same process would reverse the result. This time the motion looks smooth, but when paused seems to flicker between 2 frames. And while playing, the footage has an almost imperceptible pause approx 1 per second - I'm not sure if this is related, or a problem with the mpeg2 encoding.

My next step is to try a past method used with the cr@ppy ulead software I used to use - which is take a 30 sec clip and burn it 8 diff ways using various field options onto the same DVD, and see which one comes up trumps - but I hate the 'brute force' method, would prefer to understand the problem!

Sorry for lengthy description, any help much appreciated!