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    Default Inserting Clock/Timer in a video...

    I have never thought about this until the boss came in and asked if I could ad a timer/clock in the bottom corner of the product. Much like a time stamp you see on the DV. These are a bunch of snipitts that I need all to start at zero. Is there a piece of software that can create this timer/clock for me? I just need something simple, don't mind paying(with in reason). Just need it. This is got to be too easy.
    Ignorance is not always bliss....Thanks for the time.

    Duck Man

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    Millsy has produced and posted this on the forums before. It should come up after searching:

    I can produce something from PI if you need.
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    I have done a little running around and I have found this. I have now used it and seems to work great for my purpose. And its free. Just read the directions before you try and use it....

    Thanks Marc.

    Duck Man

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