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    MY CREATION: A new experience

    MY CREATION is a movie series that chronicles the relationship between some people and the creations they manifest into this world.

    One such creator is a dreamer dude named Kevin, upon whom is bestowed the blessing and the curse of having stumbled across the secret of time travel, coupled with his passion for creating artificially intelligent life.

    This makes him the target of a dark mastermind by the name of Muyz, who not only has defrauded Kevin's ventures in the past, but who also sees unlimited possibilities in harnessing Kevin's potential.

    After spending many years in self-imposed exile, doing busy-work to keep his mind off his true talents and to avoid his creation of the Kronobot - the first robotic model of artificial being with the capability of time jumping, Kevin realises that the only way to go forward is to embrace his future and his passions and to create the future he wants.

    With the help of his trusted furry friend Majoor standing by him, Kevin has to fight a war of smarts to claim back his life from that evil thief Muyz.

    But then... Kevin makes the shocking discovery that Muyz's evil reign has infiltrated widely on earth and is expanding far into the universe, with aid that includes Kevin's creations!

    Is there any hope now to turn it all around to the side of good?


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    The idea of this section of the forum is to post one video so it can be critiqued, if you just post a website we don't know which video you want critiquing. Otherwise it needs to go in the Pimp the link section.

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    That is all actually just one movie, but I don't mind if somebody moves it to the link pimping section. (I tried to edit it thereto but it seems I can't.)

    Thanks for checking it out!

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