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Thread: how much would it cost?

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    Default how much would it cost?

    how much would an animation like

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    cost ....or rather if i were to make it how much should i quote that would be reasonable

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    This is very hard to know how to cost because there are quite some variables but I would say as a guide, work out how many hours you would have to work on it and then calculate an hourly rate based on your time and costs involved.

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    say if u were to do ...what would u quote

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    I can't say because I don't do animations so I have no idea the amount of time it would take. If this is not a full commercial venture you would not have to include all of your time as a cost which would reduce the charge but like I said in my first post there are so many variables like, who is the customer, big cooperation, small business, school, local charity ? Do you have a a lot of experience doing this sort of thing ? That would mean you can do the work quicker than an inexperienced person. Do you work from home this would mean you had lower overheads etc........

    Sorry I can't be specific with this.

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