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Thread: Small Novice Promotional Game Hacking Videos Needed

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    Default Small Novice Promotional Game Hacking Videos Needed


    I run a game cheat site, and I need promotional videos for my game cheats. Here are some of what my members made Media Library | they usually make the videos for free access, but im willing to pay a novice/student $30 USD a video if they can do a better job with more creativity/professionalism.

    I am looking for better quality, and more creativeness. Videos need to be around ~3-4 minutes in length. I can provide in game footage, you will have to take parts out of the footage to use in video.

    I need Videos done for Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 asap. If things work out, I could use 2-3 videos a month.

    Please email if you are interested.


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