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Thread: Tripod Mount for 7inch Tablet PC ??

  1. Default Tripod Mount for 7inch Tablet PC ??

    Sorry if its in the wrong place, couldnt see where best to put it

    I am looking for a mount for a 7inch Tablet PC thing to go on top of the camera, the camera has a standard tripod thread in it ( sony FX1 ) but the mount could have a tripod mount, clamp, whatever really

    all i can find are iphone mounts and some ipad ones but they are fitted exact, nothing that would work on a non apple brand, all i can find for those are car windscreen suction mounts

    anyone seen anything ? ( its going to be to use it as a teleprompter if i actually find one )


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    I think you'll have to fabricate something from other bits Wayne. The lack of thread hole on the tablet means there's not much other choice. Id probably try velcro and a manfrotto magic arm or something similar.

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    I Did find this, was as close as i could find

    7 -10 inch tablet windscreen mount, Window holder - Tablet Accessories -

    so i could fabricate something from that, maybe that Ball will even be a good replacement fit in an existing ball head product, just thought i would see if there was anything exactly right for the job before i went ahead

    i figured with all the iPhone stuff that someone would have done the same for the Android stuff, but i guess not yet

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    IMHO, The time to check this out was before buying - or was it something you were given, perhaps?

    Being able to make one is something that very few folk can do, hence the silly prices for what is a piece of plastic. The reason the screen has no tripod bush is because it would get broken within a week - then there would be Warranty claims etc.

    If you can't make a suitable clamp (like the one linked earlier, which appears to have no price - so it will be expensive!), you'll have to adapt the method of mounting, to use that clamp, - or do what so many in Film do - use Gaffer-Tape.

    It's horrid, but gets the job done, safely - you don't want that piece of kit clattering to the floor during a "take".

    iPhone stuff is created because mgr reckon Apple users will pay silly prices (although they have to pay Apple a Fee - which does at least mean the quality is monitored - I guess for Pro's that is worth a little more money).

    FWIW I think that (linked clamp) has much merit in its design simplicity and security (although any Mfr can make a bad hash of anything....DYOR).

    If I was making it, I'd use rubber strips to grip the Tablet body, and something like coat-hanger steel to provide the form. However I'd supply an elastic tie so as to maintain the grip. (Back to the commercial clamp: - its weakness is that the plastic is under stress and that is not a good feature - although the Tablet will be quite light, so little force, I guess). However, it is NOT the holding force that needs to be calculated, it's the breakaway force - like it is given a push!

    Other factors are the risk of the Tablet being caught by someone, in a moment's error....I'd be inclined to supply a safety "chain" - only made of something like Boot-lace (so it's quiet) so even if it broke-free it would not hit the ground.
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    Yes, the Android tablet was something i got for nothing, so this is all an after thought, i wouldnt use a Teleprompter too much, couple of my presenters dont need them but i have a new one that sometimes struggles to remember, so i just figured that i would hardly use the tablet for much, so may as well use it for something rather than it being sat around

    Must have been a different site i saw that clamp on and was 13, so yeh, not cheap, think its going to be a home made solution like you said, will just have to weigh up the most secure , most cost effective and factor in what looks best too, see if i can get a balance that works out...

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    Thanks for the extra info . . . . I'm inclined to think 13 isn't too much for something that has the right "Look" - Arts-persons have a distinct dislike for a perfectly valid home-made solution . . . . until the cost advantage is explained....
    Of course 13 plus delivery....and it might not be an exact-fit.

    Do I understand it's not for the camera-operator? -rather as a TelePrompter, as in News reporter, etc. facing away from the camera operator....

    FWIW, beware that your "mod" doesn't make it overheat, or stress the Techy-bits.

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    Yes, if i can get something that looks right, for a few quid more then i will, but if the price starts creeping up then the proper DIY job would be the one, as its not going to get used a great deal, just like to have something that looks ok when it is in use

    and yes, will be facing the presenter, away from the camera operator, the FX1 has a Tripod mount Thread on the handle above the lens that would be suitable for attaching to, keep it as close to the lens as possible. directly forward facing rather than the reflection method in front of the lens that some people use

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    OK, i think i came up with a solution that works and doesnt look too bad

    I had the bits lying round, but its not that expensive anyway ( should anyone else ever have this problem )

    Suction mounts i have this one Ball head with suction cup which is perfect, the thread on the end fits into the top of the FX1 as it has the correct fittings on the top of those cameras, and then the suction pad goes on the back of the tablet. The mount is designed for use on cars, so its all quite safe, however for now, until i am sure its safe, i have some smaller suction mounts ( at the top of this page Suction mounts for bullet cameras ) that i will stick 2 of either side of the main mount and thether them all together, so if one fails, still have a couple on there

    Though i did stick the tablet on the mount and leave it on there overnight with something for it to fall onto, and it didnt fall, so all good i think

    It was all free anyway, so i cant complain ! lol

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