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Thread: How muuch should I charge to film rugby match???

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    Default How muuch should I charge to film rugby match???

    Been asked to film a local rugby team for all there home games but am not sure how much to charge.

    The team is about 12 miles from where I live and would take 40 minutes to get there .

    The game including time to set up would be roughly 2 hours.

    They only want to use the video as a training aid but I would make sure its edited well with all the crap cut out.

    Also I would have to give up my Saturday,so how much do you think I should charge?

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    If it helps I charge 150 for half a day of just filming. So adding on expences and a bit of editing time. Take away the fact that it's just a small local club. How does 200 sound.

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    I'd probably go roughly with what Midnight said. If it's just a single camera, and you want to build a relationship with the club with an eye to future work, then it's a reasonable price. I would just add (and I'm sure you'll have thought of this) just make sure you take a good cover for your camera - and not just a brolley - the wind and rain against your kit might soon make that two or hundred quid seem like a bad idea...

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    Thanks for the feedback guys but i know for a fact they wont be willing to pay 150.

    I have told them ow that I wont be able to do it til after christams now anyway .

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    Quote Originally Posted by porkypara View Post
    Thanks for the feedback guys but i know for a fact they wont be willing to pay 150.

    I have told them ow that I wont be able to do it til after christams now anyway .
    Do you get anything else out of it? Would you benefit from the experience? Would you benefit from the exposure? Will you have a film you can use afterwards (as promotion, entry into festivals etc)? Do you want to get in with the Righby Club? Do you fancy someon ether?

    These are all potential reasons to do the job for less and I'm sure there are more. But if you don't get anything else out of it, then you're only doing it for the money and if you're doing it for the money it's got to be enough money or you'll begrudge doing it and you'll do a less than perfect job.

    Be frank. Explain if all they wanted to do was to hire a camera and the computer to edit it on for a week it would cost more than that - and that's before the labour time is taken into consideration, let alone the time you've spent training.

    People do have a tendency to think that if others do something as a hobby, they make the mistake of assuming they'll jump at any opportunity to practice that hobby. Perhaps one of the members likes DIY. See if he'll lay down a small laminate floor and repaper your lounge for you - something which would take a similar amount of time to spending a Saturday at the club and then editing afterwards.

    (Actually that's not a bad way to do it. If they have a similar skill you can make use of then do a barter agreement.)

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    The above answer from Tim is spot on, I would heed that advice. Also, if you do do it I wouldn't edit it for them if I were you, you're already giving up your Saturday afternoon to watch a bunch of grown men chase after an egg, why extend that to your evening as well?

    I do favours all the time, but only when there is some perceived value in doing so.

    Video Production Services Company UK London

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    Agreed...I did a job for somebodies wedding but

    A) They were friends of mine, this was my "wedding gift"
    B) I had no major work commitments booked for that week-end
    C) It was in a venue which sorely needed a new technical installation put me...I walk into the veune and start doing magic with hire kit now I've got potential clients going "Ah-ha! Please can you do that for...."

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