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Thread: "Matt's Amazing Caulk"

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    Cool "Matt's Amazing Caulk"

    Hi folks. I just joined this great site and wanted to share some of my recent work.
    This is an infomercial parody I created for an assignment at the community college a few years ago.
    Matt's Amazing Caulk - YouTube
    And this is the most recent video. Shot and edited this past weekend as a personal project. An expansion of the original video and 100 times better.With a hot chick
    Matt's Amazing Caulk Part 2 - YouTube

    Lemme know what you think! Comments or suggestions? They are all welcome and encouraged!

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    Lets forget the first one for reasons I'm sure your aware of.

    The second one is much better sound wise and visually. I thought it was funny but went on too long just for the one gag. I think it needs trimming by at leat 50%.

    Good effort.

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    Thanks MidnightBlue. I appreciate you taking time to watch and comment.
    Yes, I agree with you. That new one is a bit long and drawn out. We really didn't rehearse it at all. We just wrote it and shot it in a day and I did the editing the next day in Premiere Pro CS5 so we could enter it in the Film Festival at the local Community College this weekend.
    Much Thanks for your reply.

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    A question to you Matt: what do you feel you've added by filming this? From what I saw, there were no visual gags, and no camerawork (change in angles, close ups, longs shots etc). It would have had the same impact if it were on radio. In fact, probably more so, as you didn't seem that comfortable on camera (I'd hate to be filmed).
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    Hmm... interesting question bloke Peters. When I started the project I never really thought about what I might be adding... We (she and I) just recently met and wanted to make a video for our schools film festival and I suggested remaking my caulk video since my first one was so popular at our school originally. Since I was low on funds I couldn't invest in any "props" or what have you. It was mostly supposed to thrive on excellent writing and dialogue and clever innuendos. It's usually my writing that drives what I do. But I believe my persistent desire to get in her pants led to the video and script being somewhat rushed as well as my appearance of 'discomfort on camera.
    The lack of "video panash"(sp.?) (no clever camera-work, or visual gags) was due to all of this.... lack of funds and being hastily put together. Either way, I guess I was hoping to blow the minds of my fellow schoolmates but I think I may have failed in the attempt.
    But just as well, my mother always told me I have a face for radio Plus I'm an alcoholic.
    Thanks for your response and if you have any direct suggestions as to what exactly could have made it better, they would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattintheHat View Post
    Thanks for your response and if you have any direct suggestions as to what exactly could have made it better, they would be appreciated.
    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    change in angles, close ups, longs shots etc
    direct enough?

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    Oh yeah... I guess that is pretty direct. Thanks Tim.

    this is pretty much just my second real green screen video. my homemade green screen is still pretty new and i have not even barely tapped into my vault of great ideas for it. another reason for the lack of panash. a 'soon-to-be-made' video will utilize those techniques earlier suggested. thanks again
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