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    I think this would have been better if you had used all the clips from the different songs and put them together to make one dance to one song. As it is now it is too long and too disjointed.

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    Im more concerned at the age of the dancers.

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    Thumbs up Thank you for the tip.

    Midnight Blue~ Hello! ^^ Nice to meet you!!

    Thank you for the tip.

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    Yeah, you have a lot of intriguing shots here. You sure have the interest of aesthetics present.
    I agree with Midnight Blue though. I think a shorter video showcasing the highnlights (mostly the girls in short shorts) would be a great improvement. Plus some shots that establish the reason of these dances. An 'establishing shot' y'know. It could be a montage of signs and/or people and things that let people know what they're seeing.
    I know I'm new here but I think that idea is pretty recognizable and universal.
    Plus.... tell that Asian girl to look me up on Facebook.

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    Personally - I think it's about eleven minutes too long. I'd cut out everything but your very best shots. And I'd bin 99% of the sideways shots too. Sorry if that seems harsh, but even I got bored looking at the girls dancing for all that time..

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