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Thread: An introduction and some advice needed

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    Hello I am a newbie to adding to this forum but I have been a lurking for a while! I am also new to videography and video editing - For the last year In my spare time I have been filming at Sporting events for friends and colleagues on my Panasonic HDC TM700 - Quite often people pay me for this and as I am quite proud of what I do and I want to provide a decent service I now want to take it to another level and to be able to edit and do some transitional effects and titles and music etc to the footage - as the Panasonic uses the Avchd format the quality of the footage is lost if I try and edit via Windows Moviemaker - - I am learning stuff about videography as I go along but most of it is trial and error so is there anyone who could kindly tell me the way forward - in fact any help would be appreciated as I dont want to waste my money on an editing suite that is not suitable - My PC is pretty geared up powerwise for editing as its Dell quad core i7 desktop - sadly I couldn afford a Mac !

    Thankyou in advance !

    Piaffe x

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    The next time you get paid for one of your jobs I would invest in a better piece of editing software as Windows Movie Maker is very limiting. Something Like Sony Vegas Platinum would be better for you.

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    Hi and Thankyou - that is the sort of advice I am looking for - Is that the only software you would recommend or the most cost effective ?

    P X

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    I suppose it's the best I know of in it's price range and I'm very familier with Vegas. There are other editing programs around you might want to look at but I think Vegas would be perfect for you at this stage.

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    As long as it wont compromise image quality i will be happy !

    P x

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    Image quality can have more to do with the way you use the camera than the editing software. Example. If you forget to do a white balance and need to do a lot of colour correction or compensate for an image that is too dark. If you use the manual settings on the camera the image will usually be better than in auto mode as you know how you want the image to look but the camera will just guess at an average look even though the TM70 is a very cleaver camera it's not as cleaver as the person using it.

    There is the element of using the software correctly as well. ie if you keep your project settings and render settings the same as your raw footage this will help keep the best quality.

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    Thankyou very much for your help ! - I have to say this forum is so informative - I am glued to its pages and as I havent been able to find any decent Videography courses within my area this forum is going to be a massive help !!!!

    P x

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    Hi everyone. am just new here and I'am glad that I've found this site as my started point in video editing.
    I'm planning to buy an HD editing machine preferably a desktop and I really donno what setup that I'am going to do. So please help me on this.


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