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Thread: Colour Correction in Sony Vegas

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    M = Movie
    S = Studio

    MS11 is short for Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11. Which is the same as the software you have.

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    ah. i see. i haven't started playing with it yet. does the info in this thread apply to ms11 as well as the pro i see discussion on here?

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    I thought it might be helpful if I tried to draw all the points made in this thread into a single summary.

    1. There are two Vegas tutorials by Sony:-

    1. The Steve Hullfish book “Digital Colour Correction” (published by Focal Press) is generally regarded as the “bible” on this subject. Although he does not use Vegas the book has a great deal of information that is of importance to anyone working in this complex area.
    2. Have a look at the Colour Correction Summary Chart published at:-

      It was my attempt to bring some of the essential points of colour correction into an easily accessible and readable form for quick reference and to provide an introduction to this often difficult process.
    3. Use a properly calibrated external monitor rather than the computer screen to get a precise picture of the adjustments you are making/have made.
    4. Getting the White Balance right is critical. One way is with Colour Corrector. Use the bottom left eye dropper under the highlights wheel and click on the brightest spot, then on the mid tones using the bottom left eye-dropper under the mid tones wheel (Z Cheema). N.B. Frederic Bauman has an excellent and very quick and easy to use Plug In for this (available from FBmn Software - plug-ins for Sony Vegas).
    5. An almost invariable rule is to try to get the skin tones looking right.
    6. After getting the White Balance right, apply:-
    7. Levels followed by
    8. Colour Correction (e.g. to deal with problems resulting from mixed lighting sources or to bring consistency to the output from more than one camera) (N.B.The Colour Matching Plug In available from Frederic Bauman (see 5 above) is an excellent and often quicker alternative when trying to colour match)
    9. Colour Grading (Grazie).
    10. In other words, Luminance followed by Colour Balance followed by getting your desired look is the sequence to follow (David Walsh).
    11. Colour Curves and the Secondary Colour Corrector are invaluable tools to use in this process.
    12. Your Luma levels need to be set both for image quality reasons and broadcast reasons. A lot of people think it's just a broadcast thing as for broadcast there are strict guidelines. If you set them correctly, regardless of medium, you will benefit from seeing the full contrast range of your image. Imagine the Y Waveform monitor (Y is just the symbol for Luma) being exactly the same thing as each of the RGB sections on the Parade, only it is just showing the Y information (David Walsh).
    13. The Y (Luma) Waveform monitor will either show its scale as IRE, mVolts or bits. It may even be selectable as to which. Whatever you are using to make the adjustments you want to adjust until the lower region of the waveform is sitting at 0IRE, 0mV or 16bits and the upper region at 100IRE, 700mV or 235bits. Then when you move onto the parade each of the R, G & B waveforms should all sit within these values, but probably unbalanced. When you adjust the colour in the shadows to balance the lower regions the overall Luma will change and you need to go back to the Y waveform to make the relevant adjustment, this is the same for balancing the colours in the highlights and the higher regions of the Y Waveform (David Walsh).
    14. The vectorscope is useful for setting up the colour on a display. It only shows colour information (the direction shows the colour value and the distance shows the saturation). When making adjustments in the mid tones it is very hard to read what is going on in the RGB Parade and impossible to determine correct from incorrect, so the vectorscope shows changes in colour information much easier (David Walsh).
    15. David Walsh has identified the following YouTube tutorials:-
    16. 1002 Using the Y Waveform monitor to set whites and blacks - YouTube
    17. 1003 Using the RGB Parade to correct color casts
    18. 1004 Using the Vectorscope to improve skin tones - YouTube
    19. David also points to a set of 15 video's on colour work in FCPX at FREE Final Cut Pro X Grading Tutorials | Color Grading Central. Although not "Sony Vegas" specific they add to one’s knowledge (as do the three mentioned above which relate to Avid Media Composer) and there is plenty that translates no matter what tools are being used.
    20. The Secondary Colour Corrector can be used to change and adjust the colour of part(s) of the image. By changing the settings in the lower half of the FX screen, for example, you can change the shade of blue in the sky or the colours of the sea or grass (use and adjust the mask to check what areas will be affected). The wheel can be used several times on the same image.

    I have tried to give credit to those contributors who made the relevant points and hope I’ve not done anyone an injustice or left anyone out.


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    I think will make a good sticky thread.

    Thanks for the summation Richard.

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    This Avid again, but it's all transferable information and a great video.


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