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Thread: Short Documentary on Jews

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    Default Short Documentary on Jews

    I'm currently producing a short documentary on a disappearing Jewish community ("shtetl") in northern Romania. I would like to receive your comments and suggestions on this work:
    Title: /"Memories from the Shtetl*"/
    Subject: In the small town of R. in northern Romania, less than 50 Jews are left in a population of 30,000. Most of them are Holocaust survivors.
    Between 1775 and 1918, the region was a province of Austria-Hungary and accomodated a large German and Jewish population. However, in the XXth century, all the foreign ethnical groups diminished dramatically, after massive emmigrations to Germany, Austria, Israel, the US etc. Such is the case of the Jewish family S., whose last member moved to Israel in 1953.
    In March this year, a Jewish American made a 5-day trip to R., looking for the S.'s or at least the place where they should have lived. This was the pinnacle of years of research for P. L. and an experience of a lifetime. It's all captured on video, along with other interviews of senior members of the Jewish Community in R. telling their dramatic stories, the head of the Community explaining the historical facts, and of course, footage of significant places in town and surrounding area.
    Production: More emotional and less informative than the "Discovery Channel - type" documentary, "Memories from the Shtetl" will be distributed on DVD and VHS, with an estimated duration of 45 min. Language: English.
    -For obvious reasons, accurate names for persons and locations have not been used in this report-
    *shtetl = (yiddish) usually large, well-organised Jewish community
    Thanks for reading this, any suggestions are welcome.

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    Sounds like quite a project! Do you have a URL to any work in progress video?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters
    Sounds like quite a project! Do you have a URL to any work in progress video?
    Not yet, but I will make the video available on the internet when it's done. I would like to have it finished by fall, since UNESCO dedicated this year to the Holocaust.

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