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Thread: My Videography and editing. Any tips?

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    Default My Videography and editing. Any tips?

    Just one of the videos I put together a while ago. Horse videos are what I mainly edit and I do most of the filming. Sadly, I have to use a tripod for the most part if I want any clips with me in it.
    Might one day consider doing sale videos, stallion promotion videos, etc once I learn more and get better equipment.
    Any suggestions/critique? Different angles to try?
    I use a Canon Vixia HF S20 and Sony Vegas Pro 10 to edit.
    Of course I don't own the audio in the videos!

    Anyways, here is one. Remember, HD is your friend!
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    I think most here would suggest that having a tripod is a good thing!
    I can't say I liked the brightening (not enough to be called a flash) in time with the piano notes - it seemed rather like you were doing it to show you could and rather distracted from the tranquility and warm feeling of the video. other thna that I rather liked it.

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    I think it's a shame you over processed it. I bet the raw video without the over contrast etc... would look better than this current video. You must have a really good bond with your horse for him to lay down while you stroke it like that. Sometimes less is more.

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    Thanks for the critique
    Maybe in the near future I will work on editing a video with little to no colour or flash effects as a project. Though I would still use some sort of fading for the transitions. Could be a good little challenge for me

    Yes, must say I love that horse. She learns incredibly fast and comes in handy for filming! My paint...well he's more of a pain at the moment, but hopefully I will soon be able to have more of a bond with him.

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    My tripod saves my life!
    Will try a video with less effects and colour as a little project and see how that goes. Maybe I'll end up posting it
    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Any more tips or critique?

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    Hi, nice job. Agree with ^^ the video was a bit effects heavy for me, would have liked to have seen some clearer video (slo-mo horse movement is good as that is always dramatic!)

    I also liked the shot of the flower in the foreground with horse in the background - if you could then bring the background into focus I'm sure you've got a good shot there.

    I liked the video layering at the end, but perhaps need to pay attention to the position of the video - the eye is somewhat obscured by your head in the underlying video track.

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