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Thread: First Wedding Video

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    Default First Wedding Video

    Hey guys just wanted to gather your thoughts about this wedding video I have produced, it is my first one and I think I did a pretty good job. I usually film Freestyle Motocross so it is a bit different to what I am used to. If you like the video please join my newly started Facebook fanpage. Let me know if there are any downfalls or anything you think can be added, love to hear other peoples opinions.

    I Will Productions - Professional services - Sydney, Australia | Facebook

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    Couldn't watch it with the watermark right across the screen, it's too distracting.

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    Yeh the clients have yet to pay, so havn't removed it yet. Sorry bout that

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    Take my opinions with a pinch of salt because I'm just starting up myself and only have a few weddings under my belt, but I didnt really like it.

    1) A lot of the whites seemed overblown, and not in a stylistic way.
    2) Music choice - although I really like this song, and was planning on using this for my demo reel, I wonder if this is going to become cliched fast. I also found that you didnt use the song to tell the story very well (e.g "I know a chapel where we could go" may have been used to show the venue rather than a person. "That look in your eyes.." should be showing the bride and groom rather than guests. Specific points to avoid in that song "who cares if we're trash" I'm considering cutting that out altogether, and you show a couple of kids on that point, indicating the kids are trash? And also you have a cut to a woman on "something dumb.." which suggests the woman is dumb. Just a few points to look out for on that song.

    on the plus side, your logo is freaking sweet.

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    Didn't even really listen to the lyrics on this one, usually I always do. I think the whites look crap because I just did a basic overlay and adjusted the color correction, I am looking to buy some presets just so it doesn't look so grainy. Thanks for the comment bout the logo, knocked that up in about 10 mins! The music choice was their own, I also personally think it is too cliche.
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    My first rule of thumb, never make you logos better then you video. People will be expecting a lot but then let down.

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    Unless I'm going mad...There is no audio on this video.

    I agree about the whites, But you don't need to buy any presets to make it "look good"
    Spend a bit of time learning how to use the video filter tools you have, Learn how to "cheat" in colour correction to improve visibility of footage without over-blowing the content.

    Maybe with the music it feels different, But I wonder if your fast pans are perhaps too fast?...

    There are some shots which have mild annoyances inside them, The back of the brides head at 2:21, Not only is it the back of her head, It's the back of her head through a bit of metal

    Are you following the rule of thirds in your camera shots? A few shots feel a bit mis-placed to my eye but I tend to be incredibly anal about framing of shots :P

    I hate watching video without audio...All I see is the visual side but I hope you have found this helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    Unless I'm going mad...There is no audio on this video.
    No, you're not going mad. Someone has stripped it since we first saw it!

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    Probably YouTube as they remove any copyright audio

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    Hmph, then I guess I wont be using that track in my wedding showreel this year after all. Screw Youtube. all the way.

    Incidentally, whats really annoying is that presumably, you paid for the rights to use that track as part of your music license, so doesnt that include putting it on the web, and since YouTube is the #1 site to be putting your videos on, that kinda sucks.

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