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Thread: Greenscreen Lingo episode ( LANGUAGE = only DUTCH)

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    Cool Greenscreen Lingo episode ( LANGUAGE = only DUTCH)

    We used a green screen and after effects to shop ourselves into an episode of the dutch tv-show 'Lingo'.
    This video is only in dutch, so if u dont understand dutch u probably will not understand all of it

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    new vid will be aired on new year

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    You went to all that trouble on the visuals and then totally F***ed up on the audio. This is a cardinal sin please say twenty million Hail Marys and try harder next time.

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    yes we had actually also recorded separate audio on a high quality recording, somehow the saving of that went internally wrong so we had to use the regular canon eos 550D standard recording sound :P

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    I found it very interesting. Were you unable to match the skin colours, or is that too difficult at present. The desktop around 0:46 does look odd; is that because it is the same AE layer as the front of the desk? What new tricks are you expecting to include in your future clips?

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