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Thread: Sony HandyCam DCR-SR68 - External InfraRed Lights

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    Question Sony HandyCam DCR-SR68 - External InfraRed Lights

    I have a Sony Handycam DCR-SR68 that can see the InfraRed light on a standard TV remote control from across a room. Does this mean that the camera is sensative to InfraRed light and a product much like the one below will work with my camera? - Night Vision IR Camera Light for Canon VIXIA M40/ Sony HC52/ Bell&Howell DNV900HD & More CamcordersI have asked this question on many other websites and people are giving me a run-around from that question. It is very frustrating

    So here are some topics I would like to avoid:

    1. I do not have access to A/C power where I will be shooting.
    2. I cannot carry around bulky equipment.
    3. This will be at night, in a very dark environment, so InfraRed IS REQUIRED.
    4. Yes, it's a paranormal investigation.

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    It's hard to say for sure as I don't know your camera but if it has night mode it should work as you say your camera can see ir light from a TV remote. Make sure you get something that has a good battry life if you don't have access to A/C power. OR carrie spares.

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    I think you will find most cameras are sensitive to IR. Normally this is not an issue, but if your "Remote" is giving trouble you can check it by looking through a camera viewfinder.

    If you can supply enough IR then your camcorder can record "in the dark" - but it's not easy getting lots of IR, without having a lot of heat . . . but IR LED's are available, I'm not sure what light levels are possible, probably as good as Torches, but more expensive.

    The recording will be a strange colour as IR affect the sensors in odd ways . . . .it won't be proper colour! Expect a muddy green which you can drop down to B&W.

    If you can't carry power, then where is the IR to come from? I suspect you hope to use the remote - forget it. You'll need 100 remotes to illuminate even a small scene.
    [ EDIT...Link ....that IR light is intended for "secret filming" eg close-up, pets in the garden etc. I doubt it will cover a large area - but you'll have to try it, I is almost certainly IR LED, but there just might be some RED ones as check...]

    Technically I'm not sure "Paranormal" responds to IR - surely it requires cold and damp...?

    In the past some success is reported with still pictures, but video is taking very short "snaps" so there needs to be MUCH more light about. You might have more success with a digital SLR in still-mode with a large-aperture lens - that will reduce the need for IR light-source, but I still think you'll need something fairly powerful...and I suspect that will destroy the very thing you're trying to witness.....BUT what-do-I-know?

    Good Luck.
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