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    Default Problems with rendering


    I'm quite new to this Sony Vegas 10.0 program and I've some problems with it. I'm currently creating an animation
    but after I've rendered my video it gets terrible jerky no matter what kind of settings or format I use!
    I've already tried lots of things with properties, settings, different formats and templates but no solution at all although the video looks just fine in the Sony Vegas!

    Here's a picture how it looks during the whole animation after rendering:
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    Anyone who knows how I can fix this?

    Thank you for reading!

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    When you say creating an animation how are you doing this, from what is it made from. What are your Project Properties and rendering settings.

    This could be frame rate issue but I need more information.

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    Sorry, not up with Pro-version Numbers . . . . is OP saying "Vegas Studio v10", perhaps?

    FWIW, I wonder if OP can tell us if he's OK with conventional movie clips (and their details, etc as MB suggests)....without such info it is rather difficult to know where the solution might be found.

    Odd that OP says it looks OK in the Preview (did he say?), - so presumably there are enough frames-per-second (but we lack this detail, too)...
    Also is OP burning a DVD and watching that on a dedicated TV/DVD player..... avoid using the PC to play the DVD.
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    I managed to solve it with a friend of mine! It was a frame rate issue (too many frames in the properties settings) after all even though it looked perfect in the preview (strange) but thanks anyways for your help!

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