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Thread: Mac Newbie, PC expert - VIdeo edit help

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    Default Mac Newbie, PC expert - VIdeo edit help

    I want to edit movies that can be DVD rips, AVI, MPEG or MKV any other possible format. I have iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro to use.

    Let's do a concrete example. I have a DVD rip, with subtitles and I want to edit out 60 minutes of the movie. I need the final output to have either the English subtitles burned in or a choice from the menu but I fear the subtitles will be out of synch when I create the final DVD version.

    How do I get from a DVD rip, using PC or MAC, to edit out 5-6 segments, maintain the subtitles and have an output to be burned to DVD?

    Any help is appreciated.

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