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Thread: Animate a picture ?

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    Default Animate a picture ?

    i'm new here and trying to edit a new video of myself playing BF3.
    i would like to know if it is possible to animate a picture, draw a part from it and create an animation that combine them all.
    i use Sony Vegas 11 \ After Effects CS3.

    (i already designed a logo but now i want to animate it.)
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    The answer is yes in both AE and Vegas. I'm assuming by "picture" you mean a still image - moving is possoble, but uses different techniques and is much more time-consuming.
    In both you'll need to separate the parts of the image you want to move independentaly into other images on a transparent background. This is best done in a photo editing program. Ave the files as png.
    In Vegas you import your images onto separate tracks.
    Then you use Track Motion, to move the images, using keyframes.

    AE will be similar, but is, I believe more flexible.

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    thank you Tim.
    i will try it and get back with an answer.

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