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Thread: Introduce yourself - part two

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    My username is my name, and I've been doing hobby audio recording for a couple decades, and a few years ago got some better equipment and started recording mostly open mics around the Houston TX area.

    Added some [occasional] video about a year and a half ago, using whatever old camcorder and digital cameras I had laying around. Still working on that aspect, but video is challenging, so I like to add it to the audio. Moved quickly from iMovie to Final Cut Pro X for a couple of features, not the least of which is the multi-cam sync feature. Now I'm trying to figure out how to do some of those cute things that were pretty easy to do in iMovie but are a little less obvious in FCPX (to me, at least). Hope to get more ideas at this forum.

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    hello everyone
    I hoop I donīt offend some of you but I am a webcam model and I am getting very interested in editing and making movies. I am using Logitech HD 1080p and I just started using the editing program Corel x10.
    I know that the video camera has to have a flip screen and a remote. I have been reading about video cameras and to be frank it is like a see of information. I have the feeling that I have to buy a camera that is easy to use and try to play with it. I have 1000 - 1500 euro for a video camera.Thank you guys

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    Hi, i would like to make some new friends here who loves making and editing. Have a great day.

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    Hi all,

    I am a guy from Latvia, Riga. 25 years old and I work for an advertisement company. In my free time I love to create and edit videos, I am not a pro at this but I am getting there. I always enjoyed point of view videos especially GoPro. I have filmed a lot of these and I always thought what if there was a website for just these videos? So I created it: . I would love if you gave me some recommendations of what to do next as I have no clue of what I am doing at the moment. I hope that some of you will submit your videos, this could give you extra exposure as the domain is SEO optimised and hopefully one day will drive more traffic.

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    Hi POV.TV and welcome. See my response to your other post. What I sad there applies even more if you are trying to create audience engagement.

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    hey all,
    myself sam. i am 22 and currently pursuing my btech. in biomedical engineering.
    best regards!!

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    Motion Graphics, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography is What I do for my profession.

    My work is here >

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    Hi. I'm Serge 20 y.o. And I'm young filmmsker of screenlife

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    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum.I just signed up here using and i have to say that the forums here are amazing.
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    wow, you are amazing and you are doing good. You may visit free credit cards guide. This guide might help you to grow.
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