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    A small project I helped a friend do, editing and camera work was done by me, tell me what you think

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    This is purely on visual art, I've got no audio at the moment so I hope this is helpful.

    The first 30 seconds of this is crucial to generate interest for people to continue watching. The camera/editing starts to get smooth at 1:47...The content before hand appears to be shaky handicam style, Which is fine for certain videos. But as you use a tripod for the rest of the video, I have to wonder why not at the start?

    Can I suggest you give this a read
    Rule of Thirds

    Quite a few of the camera shots feel strange...I'm not sure what the most important element in the room is with certain shots. I can see in a few shots your adhering to it but then shots like 2:59 where the most dominant visual element is the guys knee. Due to shot placement and focusing.

    Or at 3:38...Is the character looking at the man tilting his head? If not why is the camera tilted

    Just a few items to think about which should hopefully help you.

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    I didn't notice the shaky cam mentioned above so it can't be that bad. What I did notice was the effort made with the lighting in some parts of the video but other parts it wasn't very good. This has two parts one, it's good you made an effort but it was very flat in the opening shot. ie all light and no shade sort of lighting. When he first wakes up the room is very light as if he has been sleeping with the light on all night. The section when they have moved down stairs has very roomy audio as if the mic wasn't close enough. I understand this was a long shot. so it's hard to get a mic in close, may be time to get a couple of lav mics. Then the shot at 3:15 when the husband enters he is at first very dark then after the line this isn't the Matrix he suddenly "comes into the light", I think you forgot to white balance for this scene as well.

    I could go on but I think over analyzing this would detract from the potential it has. I don't mean to be patronising, it has a lot of faults but also shows you gave it some thought and pulled of a couple of nice bits like the over the shoulder shot at 4:42 and the banana shot at 5:10.

    Study the rule of thirds like Bpotter98 suggests and keep at it. Try and keep the consistency throughout the whole of the video.

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    I enjoyed it.

    It had a good script and convincing acting (it's important in these spoofs to play the parts dead straight). The comments mentioned above by my esteemed fellow contributors, which I'm sure you'll learn from, weren't enough to detract from it.

    The 3:15 shot Midnight mentions, is, I'm sure down to using autoexposure.

    I suspect I'd have noticed the shakey footage and thought the opeing went on too long (for YouTube at least) if I'd watched it in silence. The fact is that the music, being instantly recognisable, enables us to watch a little longer without getting restless (and i thought the handheld look was appropriate for someone being awoken.)

    And therein lies a bit of a problem. Part of the success of this lies in the excellent choice of music. I suspect you do not have the rights to use it and so can't really go any further with this film (like enter it in festivals to get pro judges opinions or potentially win awards).
    Of course I may be wrong. You may be licenced. I'm a member of the IAC Introduction to great movie and A-V making and I pay for an annual licence which allows me to use any music I've bought in the UK in my videos within very strict limitations (non-commercial work, free entry festivals, YouTube but not Vimeo, MetaCafe etc). It's well worth looking into this if you want to keep legal. Similarly, for short runs you can obtain licences from Wedding Video Licences : Welcome though I'm not sure about covering streaming video.

    I'm not sure if you were aware but the banana was a double whammy. I'm sure I'm not the only person around here who, when the banana was drawn, immediately thought this was a reference to a Monty Python sketch about self-defence Monty Python - Self-Defense Against Fruit - YouTube

    Thanks for posting

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