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Thread: multiple framerates in timelapse?

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    I want to make a timelapse that has multiple parts in it; a part where the camera is taking pictures from the car (this bit needs to be @ 30 fps) and a part where I'm walking around the airport with the camera on my chest (this bit needs to be @ 15 fps). I've tried all sorts of rendering but I can't seem to get it right, either the 30 fps bit gets messed up or the 15 fps bit becomes one big blur.

    How can I render these two bits in one video while keeping the wanted framerates for both bits? (In sony vegas pro 11.0)
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    I'm sure you realise that when you render your video it is all rendered at the same frame rate. So when you talk about have a section at 15fps you mean it is slowed down or sped up ?
    either the 30 fps bit gets messed up or the 15 fps bit becomes one big bl
    when you say messed up what do you mean, how is it manifested ?

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    Thanks for your response.

    I hadn't thought about velocity yet.. Will it work if I import the image sequence at 30 fps and then set it to 50% velocity and render it at 30 fps, to get the same outcome as importing the sequence at 15 fps and rendering it at 15 fps?

    If I render the timelapse at different framerates than it was imported on it will either be going so fast that you cant follow what is going on anymore or so slow that it shows a few images and then skips ahead 10 because it has to keep up with the timeline.. or so it seems at least.

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    In answer to your first point. No, it would do the opposit. Importing something at 15fps and rendering at 30fps would give you speeded up footage. Setting the velocity to 50% to something that is 30 fps will slow it down. If you input to Vegas at 30fps you would have to increase the velocity to speed it up.

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