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    Hello Everyone

    I bought Pinnacle 12 about 4 years ago and used the free tracks that came with it for background music which seemed to be just basic stuff anyway. Three years later some of my Gigagannet documentary videos have been flagged for copyright by Youtube, one they was muted it. Hum! I have started to re do them using Youtubes music to keep everyone happy only problem is, if its over 1000 views it saves it as a new upload, loosing all the view counts etc. Most annoying! Out of interest anyone here had a similar situation?

    Cheers Mike

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    If you feel have the rights to the music you use you can email YouTube and tell them that you used royalty free music from pinnacle or Smarthsound or what ever it is. So long as you can prove you have the rights, which you do if you bought the software they will remove the copyright infringement issue from your account. I have a couple of videos which uses copyright music on YouTube but because of the arrangement they have with the music industry it usually means they'll just stick an advert on your video. The email you get from them should explain you don't need to do anything if your video is flagged for music copyright issues. If they feel the need to mute a video it probably means they don't have an arrangement with the music copyright holders or their software is not perfect. I once made a video and phoned the guy who wrote the song I used to get permission from him to use it but of course YouTube flagged it but I just couldn't be bothered to deal with them about it.

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    Thanks for that. As far as I can see I have paid for the tracks with the software, mind you with pinnacle it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't get the rights to use it. Youtube as you say I don't need to do anything. Just feels like being a bit ripped off by Pinnacle Just goes to show. I could understand it if it was a James bond movie sound track.

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    I don't see how this could happen explaining it was provided by the video editing software itself, I prefer contacting pinnacle. (Considering I have Pinnacle Studio 14 HD), And what I do in my video edits, Is using non-copyrighted music, Search "non-copyrighted music downloads" or something similar to that in google search and there are plenty of sources to use. Some people say putting disclaimers that you aren't copyrighting the audio file you're using, Doesn't do any help. Hope this helped!
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    Have you read the terms and conditions of the resources that pinnacle include in the software?

    For example, the terms may allow you to use the resources only for DVD production for low volumes rather than internet distribution.

    Read the small print...It helps!

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    Humm No I didn't read the small print. How many of us ever do, usually so convoluted its hard to understand anyway. Free to use cuz you bought the software in good faith. Ah but see clause 4 paragraph 6 before you use this track Exclusions but not to include and it just goes on and on forever Blah Blah Blah. Think I'll become a famous musition this weekend and give everyone my tracks next week. Many thanks for you reply interesting.

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    What has likely happened is that someone has made anothe video with the same royalty free music. Their video, of course, is copyright and what's been picked up is your video is using music from that.

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    Thanks Tim. That's interesting, just thought. I have heard the same tracks as mine on other videos I assumed from Pinnacle. The one they muted I have redone with Youtube music The old one took some doing trying to delete it, the boxes are there but the activate and the action delete button is greyed out. Using Firefox any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Editing View Post
    I don't see how this could happen explaining it was provided by the video editing software itself, I prefer contacting pinnacle.
    I've read about this exact thing happening multiple times in the YouTube forums. There is a copyright dispute process, but I understand it is frequently problematic. Contacting the software maker to verify use rights in writing in a good idea, though I've heard of that being done before without success in cases exactly like this.

    I've had some videos get wrongly auto-flagged as a content match, when they don't even have any music in them. Those are easy to dispute and always get put right back up.

    However, I understand if the video have been put under review for copyright, it is much more difficult to get a favorable outcome.

    I suggest you post in the YouTube forum. Be as polite and articulate as possible. There are Google employees that are around the forums and the senior people tend to be able to get the attention of them on issues when necessary.

    Good Luck


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