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Thread: Help. Whats wrong with my Horror short-film?

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    Default Help. Whats wrong with my Horror short-film?

    Heres a film made by a group of friends. It is for a competetion where we had to make a 5 minute movie in 5 days.

    Why does it keep gettibng negative feedback? We worked so hard on it!

    Disturbed Short Horror Film (King's College London 2011) - YouTube

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    The story line is very week. The acting and directing seems very poor, with no empathy development of the character's. The lighting and sound recording is very poor. I didn't comment on this video when you posted it last week because I couldn't find anything I could be positive about it. I don't like to just criticise if I do a critique. The only positive I can add is that you all seemed committed to making the video.

    I think you would be better going back to basics make a 30 second video but concentrate on getting the elements right. Good story, nicely framed shots, in focus, correct lighting exposure etc. Sound recorded well. When you can do that, then do it again and again until you are confident with it then expand your horizons.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you! Constructive crictism really helps me. It was a first attempt at horror so feedback contributes to an improvement in the next production!

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    I'm certainly no expert, but I know filming at night is difficult, even with a very good camera which works well in low light. Given that the images are hard to make out at times it probably would have worked better if the sound had been much clearer and punchier. As it is, fuzzy pictures and fuzzy sound add up to something a little underwhelming. There are techniques for filming in daylight and then applying an FX which makes it look like moonlight which might have been worth trying, if you didn't want to switch the action to daylight.

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