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Thread: I've search the net looking for an answer to this

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    Default I've search the net looking for an answer to this

    I want to know how do I flicker or flash clips that has been blended together. Sorta like what you see in a hiphop music video or rock when the snares/drums(rolls) drops, you see both clips blended together with the fast transitions. I've asked around on other sites, but I didnt get the desired answer. Can someone help me please?

    I tried to blend two clips together and make multiple splits, hoping I can delete ever other split but when I try to split a blended clip, it becomes un blended if that makes any sense.

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    I can't picture what you describe. Can you post an example from YouTube?

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    I haven't had a chance to experiment, but if you cut a few frames of video, reverse and duplicate the forward and reverse frames (I.e play the frames forward and back repeatedly), and ten overlay another video a 50%, you should get a similar look.
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    Thanks man, that really helped.

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