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Thread: Need help in Identifying how this video was made

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    Exclamation Need help in Identifying how this video was made

    Video Link -

    George Bush and Osama Bin Laden Sketch #1 - YouTube

    , I want to know what this type of editing is known as.
    I also want to create a video similar to the one above... what are the software I will be needing ?
    I want to use my own Images of faces and animate the lips and eyes like how it was done in the above video.
    So, what software will I need ? and how do i do it ? If theres a tutorial on youtube, please give me the link.

    Please help me.

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    May I suggest you contact the author of the video?
    Most people are happy to talk about the "how" of their work if you are humble and speak from a position of "wanting to learn" and you'll always get the real facts from the horses mouth instead of us lot guessing at which software they "might" have used.

    And the generic term for that video is called animation. The basic principle is to draw a scene, then draw the same scene but with one detail moved and repeat repeat repeat.

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