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Thread: Vegas Pro 10 Render Quality Issue

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    Default Vegas Pro 10 Render Quality Issue

    I've been using Sony Vegas Studio HD since September of last year, and upgraded to Vegas Pro 10 in late September (also got the free upgrade to Vegas 11 shortly thereafter). My question comes down to rendering the video and having it look "crisp". As of now, I'm taking the raw movie clip from the 5D Mark II, dropping it into project media, and then inserting on the timeline. I then choose render as, go to custom and set the option to best quality (31) I believe, and render in 720p (as 1080p files are ridiculously large). I've rendered in 1080p before, but the quality of the footage isn't any better. Is there a process somewhere that I am missing? Several of these videos on Vimeo and YouTube look MUCH cleaner than my videos, and it's driving me nuts. My YouTube channel is "Malu59RT" if you need to see what I'm talking about.

    I have 12GB DDR3 RAM on my HP Computer I purchased in September of 2010, with a 1TB hard drive. I have an old GTX260 nVidia graphics card, and rendering is sometimes choppy at best, so not sure if that could affect the quality of the rendered file. Keep in mind, I don't have the $1800 laying around for the nVidia 5000 Quadro card.

    Thank you in advance for all of your help!

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    Am I supposed to transcode footage or something? Sorry for the lack of knowledge on this basic stuff. I picked up this hobby after a good friend that used to do it for our group, passed away suddenly from an aneurysim.

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    Click the "Match media" button in the properties, then when you render choose .mp4 format. These are the best renders I've gotten with Vegas.

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