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Thread: Mister Bloomberg (Music Video)

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    Lightbulb Mister Bloomberg (Music Video)

    Hey guys, a friend of mine made this video (& song)...the song sounds 'a bit' low-fi but when you have some earphones plugged in it has lots of potential in my opinion. Especially if you have the patience to watch until the end of the video, where the song & the images really match up.

    So have a look & tell me what you guys think :

    On his channel is also another recording from a few years ago, very dark & acoustic...

    atm we are working on his 1st real music video, as soon as I can show some footage I'll post some.

    take care all !
    Digital Filmmaker @ Are Animals People

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    Nobody likes it ? Its a great protest song peeps ...
    Digital Filmmaker @ Are Animals People

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