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    Default Pink timeline -

    I've looked for an ans in Vegas Studio 10 "help" but it tells me about adding colour to Text.
    I've noticed when I try to re-edit a xxx.vf file that some parts of the media on the timeline changes to a pink colour. Both Video and Audio
    - Why?
    It doesn't appear to allow me to alter "Group" settings, so it's like it's on it's own, but somehow I think the parts that are also pink (ie close-by in time) are maybe ganging up and objecting to some action, I've performed. One part in particular seems to ungroup the audio from the clip it belongs to. This audio was subject to "Volume" adjustment (Like "Rubber-banding" a term that Sony doesn't recognise). So it's possible I've ungrouped it for that process, or something similar.

    Have I done something that needs correction, perhaps? ...... and so why can't it tell me?

    I've noticed this on other projects, - but it is not very often.
    Up to now I've ignored it.

    .....But I'd like to know....

    Ah, thanks MB - it's the lack of sync - but how does it know? Is it just that the timeline media is cut at different plac?es....perhaps that's it, since it can reference the original Clip in the Media Bin.

    -Yet, why doesn't Vegas Studio "help" and have this gem of info? - preferably before I cut it....
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    I think it just indicates that your audio and video are no longer in sync with each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I think it just indicates that your audio and video are no longer in sync with each other.
    Midnight, as usual (unless he's disagreeing with me), is correct.

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    Yes, it IS really hard to find this info in VMS10 Help, even by the Search option, but once one does get there, there's a good explanation under the heading
    Repairing Audio/Video Synchronization Offsets.

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    go to view and select ( it is in the pro version) "Active Take Information" (ctrl +shft + I) near the bottom of the list.

    when done you should get some data on the clip showing the clip name and how much out the audio/video is out of sync.
    This will also show how much a clip is slowed or stretched.
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