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    Default Professionalistic Video done

    Everyone. I believe that this video is done professionally and well. Please offer your harshest critiques

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    Looks good to me.

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    If you want me to be VERY critical I can...but are you aiming for hollywood million dollar movie?
    On a scale of percentage, Are you aiming for 100%? What is your aim?

    Unless you are looking to compete with say...the burly brawl scene from the Matrix. I'd say there is nothing "Wrong" with the video as it stands, I personally would have cut some of the fight scene edits differently, Used closer camera angles to get kicks punches ect.

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    The fight scenes are a perfect example of how sound counts for > 50% in movies. As it was late at night the first time I watched, I watched in silence and whilst the fight scenes looked choreographed they looked, well, choreographed - like a dance routine, almost laughable - don't get me wrong they looked very skillfully executed, but like very skillfully executed near misses. But add the sound and they suddenly look much more convincing. This is not a criticism, justy an observation. I'm sure most action scenes look somewhat less convincing when sound is removed.

    On the whole it looked very good, and your main actor has an appeal which I think will do him well.


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