Hey all,

I have a question and I think there are enough smart people
here that can answer my question. I want to buy a camcorder,
but I do not know which one, I want to film for fun (make short
films and maybe documentaries, nothing too serious). These
are my requirements:

- Does not have to be a new one, I can find a used one
- HD (full or 1080i/p)
- Possibility to attach a external Mic
- Possibility to focus manually
- Budget: up till 650 dollar/500 euro's
- A trusted brand (not some Chinese unknown brand)
- As much FPS per second (I just love slow-motion)
- Record on a (internal or external) harddrive or flash card (no mini-dv)

Additional requirements (not necessary, but great if it's possible)

- Zoom manually
- A LOT of optical zoom (or changeable lenses?)
- Headphone jack

I hope there excists a camcorder that fits with my requirements
if there does not exists one but you still know a camcorder that would
fit me perfectly, please post it

Thanks in advance! DreamCAM