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Thread: The Myths Of The Serial Killer La Chaim Homemade video!

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    Post The Myths Of The Serial Killer La Chaim Homemade video!

    Heeey everybody me and some friends got a idea and we start to film a litle movie and we was happy with it but we need some help what can we improve and fix all is made in After Effects i am a noob on video editing soo a little critism is normaly but what do you think about it its now in a trailer stage .

    Greetings Vice!

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    I think the massively over the top music is hilarious, don't get me wrong I really like the music but it doesn't fit the visuals at all. If you use a tripod it will give you wobble free footage that makes it easier on the viewers eyes. If it's night time you need some sort of lighting so the camera can stand a chance of being able to pick up an image that can be seen. You have squahed your footage to make it look "cinematic" this shouldn't be done. Crop it to the size you want but be aware of what you will be missing at the top and bottom of the image when you are at the filming stage. Or just leave it at the normal 16:9 aspect ratio.

    One tip to make your video look better is to not just use one fixed camera position for each scene. When you record the sound make it as good as you can. ie don't be too far away from the camera mic when you speak, better still get a separate mic.
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    Given that your post was very difficult to read, due to your almost total disregard for punctuation and grammar, I wasn't particularly surprised to find spelling or other mistakes in nearly every one of your captions. You may be forgiven for lazy typing/bad grammar in something as casual as an email or forum post, but not bothering to spell-check a caption in a film (which by its very nature takes a long time to get together) shows a real disrespect for your audience. If you can't be bothered to spell correctly, why should anyone be bothered to watch your film.

    And it doesn't matter if English is not your native language. If I was putting up titles in a language foreign to me I'd make sure they were correct.

    Not only that but the caption at 1:03 isn't on screen long enough for anyone to read.

    Aside from that, I agree with everything Midnight has said.

    Sorry if this sounds very critical, but video/film is about communcation. If you can't communicate in a written sentence, how can you expect to do so in video?

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