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    Hello! Just signed up to this forum and thought I would post a video-in-progress to get some thoughts and feedback.

    It's a highlight video of Vince Young, quarterback of the University of Texas football team. It's currently about 3/4 complete (still 3 games left to be added). It's just something I've been doing for fun in my spare time to share with other UT fans.

    Any thoughts are welcome, but here are a few things I would like feedback on:

    Do any of the clips seem out of place?

    Do any of the plays seem "unworthy" of being included?

    Do any of the cuts seem too early or too late?

    Are there any parts where it is hard to follow what is happening?

    Any other general thoughts, or suggestions on how it can be improved?

    Oh yeah. Please disregard the brightness/contrast/saturation inconsistencies from clip to clip. I will be adjusting those at the end. Also, video quality will be better in the final version since I didn't use any post-processing filters in this version.


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    There's nothing wrong with the video. It's a solid effort and nothing out of place. But there's no "sparkle" there - no "value added" to make us scream for me. Add some razamataz.

    It's also always difficult to judge footage slurped from TV: what edits are yours for example?

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    Forgot to welcome you


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    Thanks for the feedback. All of the edits are mine with the exception of the clips from 2:20 to 2:32 (although that 12 seconds of footage is actually two sequences cut and spliced together).

    What would you recommend for ways to make it better? I am somewhat limited in my options, since the software I have at my disposal is rather basic: Virtualdub to process the individual clips and Pinnacle Studio 8 SE for the editing. However, I can try my best if it will improve the video.

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    The music your first step. Chose a punchy soundtrack and draw your inspiration from that.

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    OK, here is the finished product if anyone is interested in checking it out:

    As before, feedback and opinions are appreciated.

    As far as the soundtrack, the feedback I've received so far has definitely been sharply divided--I've already had several people tell me they didn't like it, and I've had a lot of people say it was a perfect fit for the video.

    I actually had one person who said he didn't like it because it "wasn't a kick the s##t out of somebody" song. Of course, I had to ask him why it needs to be a "kick the s##t out of somebody" song, particularly when Vince Young's playing style is the polar opposite of that.

    Personally, I thought it matched up well for a player of VY's unique skills and style.

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