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Thread: ceiling hung continious lighting

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    Default ceiling hung continious lighting

    Hi everyone

    I have a new studio that is 5m x 4m with a ceiling height of 10ft (3m plus) and I am in a position where I have the oppertunity of hanging my lights from the walls/ceilings in order to eliminate tripods etc. Main filming will be from the centre of the room and I have been reading up on led's but I am seeking advice from you all

    1/ There seems to be a variation in the lux strength of led light banks and it is confusing do I tell a good unit from a cheap one ?

    2/ Am I better to mix led with a decent rehead or similar keylight ?

    The room has red walls and a tungstun uplighter in 3 corners at present..should I leave them there or remove them when I add the 5600k lights ?

    I have been reading that much , that confusion is setting in and I am no nearer making a decision to go and buy

    thanks in advance

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    Firstly you need to fully explain the look you are going for. Preferably with an image example. Then we can go into what is needed to get that look. Oh and to answer your first question.

    1/ There seems to be a variation in the lux strength of led light banks and it is confusing do I tell a good unit from a cheap one ?
    Is it from China, if so it's bad.

    I don't want to confuse you more than you already are but have a look at an alternative to LEDs, look at Kinoflo Diva florescent lights. Don't try looking for a cheap alternative as cheep tubes are rubbish but Kinoflo seem to have handled the problem normally associated with florescent tubes.

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    The look I am trying to create is a centre lit area with the effect of the uplit red walls still showing if possible as the effect is pleasing

    I dont really want to stick strip lights on the ceiling if possible as they are unsightly. Could you suggest a good 3 light system on a reasonable budget to get me started

    I have approx 500 to spend


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    Can I suggest you give these guys a call

    hey do anything BUT cheap knock-offs, If you look up their "contact us" page and look for lighting sales, then just ring them up, their guys are very experienced and will help you find the right product.

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    Thanks for the link and I will contact them

    I forgot to mention that I was intending to eventually place a light source in each corner so that the main area is lit and the perimeter can be lit or dimmed to this a sensible/feasible way to go ?

    The room is not ventillated apart from the entrance door and I don't want to boil the room

    also , lastly, am I taking the right route here by wanting to take advantage of the ceiling/walls or do you suggest tripods every time?

    thanks guys

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    I can move my tripods anywhere I want, position them how I want and set their height how I want.

    If you ceiling mount em...Well that's it.
    Want to adjust a light during a shoot? Better get the ladder out

    Bulb gone and need to make a fast change, out with the ladder again!

    I'd only ever use ceiling lights in a permanent studio or live event. Just my 2 cents for your thoughts! But if you buy the right lights, You could change your mind and just buy a tripod mounting head for them.

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    thanks for that

    This will be a dedicated room , hence the decision to keep the floor clear and have the freedom to move easily without tripping.

    I am just finding the choice baffling. Do I go for fresno or redheads or led's. I am just trying to get the best long term value for my money

    thanks again

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    Hope you don't mind me moving this thread, Danny. (Welcome, by the way) I wasn't sure whether it belonged in "PreProduction" or "Hardware" but it certainly didn't belong under "User Videos".
    Interesting discussion.

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    If your budget is only 500 then only Redheads are in your price range. Unless you can get something better from Ebay. If you possibly can try and reach for a dedolight kit they are a very good 3 point lighting kit, much more flexible than Redheads BUT I understand we all have to live within our budget. I', not familiar enough with all the different makes to recommend cheaper brands. Having a light with a lens gives you more control over the light than open faced Redheads. BUT each light has it's place. I have a Redhead kit, I also have a couple of pairs of work lights ! I find a use for all of them, any light is better than no light.

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    Thanks everyone for showing great patience. Having so many viewpoints to draw from has helped me heaps.

    I came here recently as a newbie and read avivdly but never posted. I realise now that posting helps those who come behind me and I have decided that I am going to post what I have bought and the reasons humble contribution amongst such experience and helpfullness

    At this point I am going to lean towards looking at a possible lensed key light and something either that is s/hand but decent untill I can build the budget each month. I am going to call ac-et tomorrow and see what they advise


    Oh and thanks Tim for the redirection

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