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Thread: This a possible alternative to no firewire port?

  1. Default This a possible alternative to no firewire port?

    So i just recieved my canon hv30 but i have now realised my laptop doesnt have a firewire port. Annoyingly it doesnt have an expresscard port either so the only possible alternative i have found is purchase a expresscard to usb Startech Usb To Express Card Adapter: Computers & Accessories and then plug an expresscard to firewire into that. Has anyone got any experience doing this and if so does it work? I was just going to buy a firewire to usb cable but apparently they are no good?

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    The reason why USB 2.0 is no good, is because of the data transfer rate, which means that 1 second of footage needs to carry XYZ many bits of data across, DV-pal has too much data for USB to cope with.

    What I would suggest, is buying a composite to USB capture device instead, Yes you won't be working with the raw DV footage and the quality will be reduced but I'd rather suggest that then a usb to expresscard adaptor.

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    I guess the easiest thing for me to do would get a firewire port put in my tower then upload the footage onto there, put it on a a hardrive and download it to my laptop. Would i encounter any problems doing this?

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    None what-so ever.

    If you've got the same software on both machines, Make sure you keep the import and project settings the same on both systems.

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    Great then that is what i shall do, shame my tower isny powerful enough for hd editing.... thanks for your help bpotter

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