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Thread: More text styles please

  1. Default More text styles please

    The media generator credit roll and the other texts seem to have only three types of text style, header, single item and dual item. If I make a line of text larger or put it in itallics then it affects all the other text lines in the same style. I would like to have a title, a musician and a song name (all single items) but I don't know how to get a third style. Can I either create more styles, or make text lines independent of other text lines in the same style? I am using Sony Vegas Pro. 8.

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    You can only have 3 different styles, this the limitations of the software.

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    Try using the pro titler, that allows that but at the expense of speed, you can cut and past from word or web page, just use Ctrl V to paste

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    Thank you for your kind responses.

    I have tried Pro Titler but it was too difficult for me.

    I am surprised that there is no workaround for this.

    I think I may have found one. A bit time consuming but we can overlay two credit scrolls to achieve the desired results.

    Create a credit roll with enough lines for all your text. Set the styles of three of the lines.
    Add a video track above the one you are using.
    Copy the credit roll you have created and put it exactly above the credit roll you are using (enable snapping - mouse arrow over star icon - to faciliate this)
    Set the compositing mode of the upper track to substract or screen if you are using white titles on black or other so that the titles from both scrolls can be seen
    (The compositing mode is set in the video track header as it were, to the left of the video track, the film frame with an alpha on top icon by default. if like me you are not familiar with compositing modes you can turn off snapping,
    put the two credit rolls a little out of sync you will be able to select a compositing mode that allows you to see both sets of text by trial and error)
    Delete from one credit scroll, the text lines that you can't style, leaving the lines themselves empty.
    Remove the text that you have styled from the other leaving the lines themselves removing only the text, and style the text that you could not style.

    Perhpas this techique could be used to add shadow to credit rolls too.

    This seems to be quite quick but perhaps not as quick as using the Pro Titler if you know how to use it. I find it very tricky.
    There is no preset for scroll text vertically - the "scroll" preset scrolls from the side.

    Tim "now with Raylight" Takemoto

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    Very inventive.

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    Inventive, yes, but really a case of using the wrong tool. The credit roll is for very simply quick and easy credit rolls.
    For creit rols, I use the Simple Text.
    I can put all the text in that I want in whatever font/size combination I want into one very long text frame (this is not too easy to see, so I find it easier to create this in a word processor first then copy & paste into te Simpe Text window)
    Then simply use the "placement" tab to position the text below the frame at the opening frame then above the frame at the closing frame. Really simple and quick to do.

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    Where there's a will there's a way or should that be where there's a way there's a Tim.

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    You are right Tim Stanndard, that is quick and easy to do.

    And I have saved the scrolling simple text as "Music Credit Roll" so I only need to plonk it in and edit the text.

    I may never use the credit roll again.

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    You won't. I haven't in nearly 10 years. Yup, I've got Text presets going back to VideoFactory.

    .. ..

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    That is how I have managed shadows in the past.
    No need to use compositing on track header, use Opacity in the scroll box.

    Tim's idea is a good one, but have noticed it renders much slower, then normal scroll.

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