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Thread: Advice on the Sony HXR-MC2000E AVCHD Camcorder please

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    Default Advice on the Sony HXR-MC2000E AVCHD Camcorder please

    Hello everyone. Please can anyone give me any advice on this camera? I've got a 1000 budget and want to get the best I can for my money. I've been out of the game for over 10 years (studied film and TV at college and uni) so I'm really behind on all the new technologies, but am learning as quick as I can. I'm trying to get back into filming and editing (just bought an imac and Final cut studio), and am aiming towards making wedding videos and short films. I'm really struggling to get my head round all the specs, would this camera do for what I want it for? Please help

    Sony HXR-MC2000E AVCHD Camcorder

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    Hi Melanie

    Did you ever buy your Video Camera ? have you made any short films recently ? I see you are located in Manchester. Have you ever thought of joining a video club ? I am a member of Altrincham Video Society and we are always on the look out for new members. Full details of the club can be found at We make short films, help with video editing and help you improve your video productions. If you are interested then please drop in any Wednesday at 8pm we would like to see you.


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    I'm not familier with this camera but I suspect it's just a consumer camera dressed up to look semi-pro. It doesn't shoot 1080p only 1080i, so it is not a propper full HD camera.

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    It looks like a proper camcorder and reads like one . . . and I don't think 1080i is any disadvantage, as it's still a lot better than SD and can play on many BlueRay players as AVCHD - Content is King, given that there is sufficient definition to see the rabbit (as it were).

    I wonder why it's not been seen as a contender for prosumer users?

    On Sony's website rather unhelpful comments like LANC controller for those camcorders equipped with LANC suppport - ah so that a NO, then?

    I wonder how it compares with the super-steady 730 model - about the same price....?
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    I wonder why it's not been seen as a contender for prosumer users?
    It's on;y got a 1/4" CMOS sensor, there is a distinct lack of manual controls, I know size isn't everything but it's only got a 37mm size lens filter ring, the EX1 has 77mm, the HVX has 82mm. My point is the lens is questionable which is about the most important part of the camer. Also it doesn't even have XLR mic inputs.

    That is why I said it looks to me like a consumer camera dressed up to look semi-pro, just like the Panasonic MDH1

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    Midnight is right. I have a mate with one. It's a great camera if you want a consumer cam in a shoulder mount - which was absolutely ideal for going around shooting a Street Party last year. If you just look at it as that and not a budget professional camera you won't be disappointed. Personally like shoulder mount as I think it's a great compromise when you need to move around too quickly for a tripod. It also adds a lot of "livliness" to the shot without going all wobbly. See

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