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Thread: Need Help With Snapshot Ghosting

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    Default Need Help With Snapshot Ghosting

    Why is their ghosting on a snapshot nothing is over laying it its just a snapshot, I try disable re sample and it still ghosting. Sony Vegas Pro 10

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    Are resizing the snap shot, if so do the resizing in your graphics program and then bring it back into Vegas.

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    I am not resizing anything just taking the snapshot so the picture stays still for a sec then continues on with vid. I dont understand the picture looks fine by itself but when put in between two segments it ghosts! No overlay of any kind its just even between two segments .

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    Make sure you have quantize to frame set to on. (this is in the top of the options menu) What could be happening is the software is creating a frame over the still image if the cut lands in the middle of a frame. If this is the case you will have to set the cursor to the end of a frame, then do your cut and post a new snapshot there.

    Note this is just a theory, I don't know for sure if this is your particular issue.

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    Can't help if you remove the video!

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    No Ball? No can play.

    OP on COW too.


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