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Thread: Probelms with audio synch after rendering in Sony Vega

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    Default Probelms with audio synch after rendering in Sony Vega

    Good morning,
    My apologies if this quesitons has already been asked. Every time I render a finished video in Sony Vegas 11 aand play it back, the audio is not synched with the video. I have tried a number of different formats with the same result. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Is this Vegas Studio 11?
    Nevermind, it is important to tell us how you are playing the this on a DVD-player/TV setup?
    But if you are playing the DVD on the computer - there is the problem.
    Do not do this unless the PC is top-notch (and even then, don't). The only true test of a DVD is to play it in a dedicated TV/Player.

    EDIT -
    surprised Vegas doesn't tell users this (Playback) - being economical with the truth is not a good business model, IMHO.
    - and whilst they are about it, tell punters they need a min of Quad-core for sensible HD render-times! I've just spent good money a few months back and "now" I find Dual-Core is barely acceptable..
    Upgrading requires a new MBO - that's not good.
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    Thanks for that! I am using Vegas 11 and the problem occurs when I render and play back in Windows Media Player. The same problem occurs as an AVI and WMV. I haven't tried burning it to a DVD and playing on a DVD player yet, I will try that next.

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