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Thread: DECT signals and magnetic media

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    Default DECT signals and magnetic media

    Hi, Huge apologies if this is not the right forum for this sort of question but I couldn't find another that would be suitable here. I hope someone can help me with this query.

    Basically my situation is that I have a baby due to be born in the next few weeks and have purchased a DECT baby monitor and I believe DECT signals and Wi-fi are fairly similar? What I am trying to do is understand if the signals this will give out will in any way damage magnetic tape such as VHS and Video8. I have a cupboard between my bedroom and the nursery that has many irreplaceable family videos etc. and only some have so far been converted to DVD. I am concerned that the signals this gives out will harm them in some way as I know magnetic tape can be affected by magnets....

    I read on the net that DECT baby monitors and cordless phones etc. emit microwaves and electro-magnetic radiation (and maybe other stuff I am not aware of) so basically this concerns me a bit. I don't know if the signals could damage the tapes immediately or slowly degrade them over time?

    Hope someone can help me with my lack of knowledge on this and thought a video editing forum might be the best place...many thanks

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    I think it will be fine. There is a shed load of magnetic field pollution around these days with wifi and phones etc. but your tapes will be fine. If you have to have a powerful magnet right next to a tape you might do some damage or if you stick a tape in a micro wave oven, other than that you will be fine. If you're still concerned put your tapes in a lead case.

    Good luck with the baby.

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    Ah thanks, yeah looking forward to the arrival of the baby You make some interesting points and that's good news. I certainly won't be storing any magnets near the tapes or cooking them have no fear So even if i were to place a VHS or Video8 tape say 1 metre from the DECT base unit that emits the microwave/electromagnetic signals it wouldn't do any harm you reckon? Is it a case of DECT signals not being capable of harming a tape no matter how close they are? Just interested in understanding the properties of the signal really from a technical perspective (the geek in me coming out)
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    Firstly I'm not a scientist so I speak as a layman with an bit of understanding of these matters. I recon if you really tried hard by putting electronic equipment like mobile phones, cordless DECT phones, baby monitors etc. right next to a tape you just might be able to affect a tape but that is only a small chance. BUT any normal use will have more effect on your mental faculties than it will on your tapes.

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    Sure, many thanks for your advice, really appreciated. I suppose if it was an issue you would see some reports of it on the net and I can't find any so I am sure your evaluation of it is spot on. You can certainly find plenty of reports of people saying it can fry your brain etc. But that's a whole other topic haha. Cheers for your help

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    From time to time I work in a production house and that building is filled with wireless radio systems, wifi points, signal broadcasters and all other kinds of rubbish, the only time tapes get ruined is when you are completely careless with them. Like sticking the tape on top of a magnet.

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