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Thread: Problem with placing and angling a clip

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    Default Problem with placing and angling a clip

    I've searched for this question on the forum, but I couldn't find any that was the same.

    We're filming a tralier in my school. At a few points, a clip with letters falling down (Like in Matrix) should be shown in the eyes of someone.
    Now to the problem. I haven't been able to find a way to limit the clip to the eyes.

    I appreciate the help

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    You can do this by creating a mask - an image which is white where you want the video to show through, black where you don't, and use multiply (mask) as the source.
    You could use teh cookie cutter FX on your matrix track (this wll only work if you are happy o use circular eyes). You'll need two tracks - one for each eye.
    if using Vegas Pro, research using the "Mask" property in Pan an crop.

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    Thanks, it really helped!

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