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Thread: new short film - Dig Day (using kessler crane)

  1. Default new short film - Dig Day (using kessler crane)

    Hi, this is a new short film of a Dig Day by a volunteer MTB trail-building group.

    It was my first attempt at using a Kessler crane Lite (8ft).

    any feedback welcome...


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    I think it was a good idea. You chose a good mixture of shots, but I thought too many of them left something to be desired. I suspect these were artistic judgements, but they rather killed the video for me. Rather too much of the video was unclear or out of focus to the extent that it became distracting. It was clear that in some shots you were being "arty" - eg the shot of the spade handle at 1:31 didn't really work for me although if you'd doen a rack focus from the guy in the background to the handle it would have done. And I could see no reason at all for the totally out of focus shot at 2:00. I also didn't like the jump cuts (eg 1:30 and 2:04). I think it was a mistake to have vocal backing music where you have a voice on camera which is intended to be heard (as at 0:44). The shot from under the clod at 0:37 was a great shot ruined by having autoexposure.

    This all sounds rather negative, for which I apologise. I think it does indicate that as you try to be more creative with film (as you have here) it becomes much more difficult. I'm well aware of this as I shoot very boring straightforward documentary style and when I've tried even a simple rack focus on a static subject I can easily spend half an hour and then decide it's unusable in the edit. But the only way we'll learn is to keep trying.

    The other issue with being more creative, is some of your audience will disagree with some of your creative decisions (as I have here). This doesn't mean your decisions are wrong, it's just a question of different tastes.

    My only other comment is I thought the shot of the spider on the spade handle together with the comment were a perfect ending (great shot and comment). This should have been your final shot. So, you want to show the volunteers leaving the site - show them before. I don't think anyone is really going to complain that it looks like they've left a spade behind!

    And the carne shots were pretty good for a first attempt.

    Well done for brining a lot of imagination to what's not very interesting subject matter.

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    When I watched this I found my attention fading quickly, this is unusual for me. I usually like this kind of thing. I thought it may be that I'm tired but it might be for the reasons Tim gave above. I really don't like hearing the mumbling of the guy speaking. It's like we are suppose to hear what he says but can't quite make it out. I don't think I was put off as much with the "arty" shots as Tim but it did seem like you had the set the camera on auto focus or you had been drinking heavily the night before.

    Not a bad effort but I think it could be improved with a better edit.

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