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Thread: Help please! need to record RCA or Scart to Mac

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    Red face Help please! need to record RCA or Scart to Mac

    Hi Newbie alert so please be gentle
    I have tried to search but it says there is to many posts to list which doesnt really help lol

    I have been given the monumental task by my parents to archive all the old family videos from Video8, VHS-C and VHS

    Currently I have a sony&nbsp;EV-C45E to play the video 8 tapes and I have the JVC camcorder that still works to play the VHS-C (Which i have to say the video 8 even though the videos are over 20 years old are amazing quality!) and a panasonic NV FS-88 (courtesy of work clearout) for the VHS tapes. I also have a MacBook Pro (late 2010 release) with Premiere.&nbsp;<br><br>Okay I have been toying with the idea of buying a dvd recorder and recording straight to DVD. Or, somehow input and capture to the hardrive of my laptop (so i can edit out the boring stuff). I thought it might be as easy as buy a RCA to USB cable, plug in and capture through premiere. I bought winstars video and audio grabber but alas I did not count on having to install drives... or not being compatible with Mac

    So tried it on my PC using their software, however, the video quality didnt look as good as it did when i played it directly through the tv, (I viewed it on 32inch LCD and plugged the TV into my PC so I viewed it on the same screen) also at times the picture seemed to wobble but didnt when viewed directly through tv.

    So now I'm back to square one
    Any hints I to how I can convert the videos into digital copies at the best quality I can without spending stupid amounts of money? And what I need?

    Thanks Sooooooo much!

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    I use my DVD recorder on the highest setting and then take the DVD and import the MPEG (vob) files in to my edit suite Sony Vegas.

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