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Thread: "I want more footage!"

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    Just had an email from a client whose wedding DVD was completed 9 months ago - says she watched a friend's DVD last night produced by a rival company and they had included more footage than I had. She is demanding ALL of the footage of the day.

    How do you keep people sweet without being walked on?

    In my contract it explicitly states that the client must inform me within seven days of any creative or techical problems with the DVD...

    I am finding this quite a common request. I produce a beautiful wedding DVD (as most people on this forum do, I'd imagine) - and we choose the best footage in the interest of producing a beautiful wedding DVD.

    There is no "more" footage. There is only the "best" footage. And that's in the DVD.
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    As nine months have passed, it seems reasonable that the client has had more then enough time to make any comments

    If the client wants all the footage, offer to sell it to her as raw footage. It takes time to get it rendered and onto disks.

    Perhaps mention that you do have more footage but a lot is cut out due to waiting for things to happen, people walking in front of you and so on. If she wants a re-edit then for a cost (if you still have the material & project on file) you can accommodate her
    Does your T&C mention anything about artistic flair and how you will edit?

    Quantity is not quality.

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    Did she book you based on what she saw of your work? was she aware of how long in general the edit runs? It would be worth asking her what exactly she would like to see adding and then quote accordingly.


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    Just tell her 'the quality of the video is representative of the quality of the wedding'. Balls in her court then

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    This is akin to me building a brick wall for somebodies garden, then 9 months later they see a friend's brick wall and start having a go at me because "their friend's is so much nicer"

    I hope you have terms and conditions which give a cut off period for re-edits or comments? Anything after that cut off period should be charged for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    This is akin to me building a brick wall for somebodies garden, then 9 months later they see a friend's brick wall and start having a go at me because "their friend's is so much nicer"
    Actually it's worse than that. She's not saying the other is better, just there's more of it. "My friends wall is much longer!"

    griffinmill, I think your final line in your first post sums it up wery well. There is only the "best" footage and that's on the DVD.

    Unless it was agreed beforehand it is totally unreasonable to demand the raw footage. A photographer will only give you a selection of the shots he thinks are OK to choose from.

    It may be too late now, but i think that the best way to dal with this type of request is not to enter into discussion. A simple, but polite "No I'm sorry, I don't do that - I don't know of any videographers that do". That probably won't suffice as I'm sure they'll ask why. This is where you have to be careful not to get into discussion. "Because that's what you and I agreed. You had a week to discuss any changes - it's now 9 months down the line." You might get lines like "Can't you just let us have the footage?" The answer is "No, sorry"

    Keep the answers as short (and apologetic) as you can. As soon as you enter into discussion, hey will see that as a chance to persuade you to change your mind.

    Maybe this bride's friend has got a better husband as well as a longer video. Perhaps she'd like to change him as well!

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    I sent her an email politely explaining to her that all weddings and wedding DVDs are different - some are longer or shorter. I went on to tell her that I only use the best footage in the interests of producing a quality product, instead of just throwing everything and the kitchen sink onto the DVD. I didn't hear anything back. Fingers crossed.

    I have changed my contract to deal with this issue - that "no extra footage will be released". I am finding that out of every 10 wedding DVDs I produce, I have about three coming back asking for "more footage of Uncle John dancing". I sometimes comply, but I'm stopping this now.

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    I do know of some Videographers who sell the master footage as extra, once the client is happy with the copy

    I never have yet as the master footage as you know sometimes never resembles the actual edit.

    I have a 7 to14 day error checking grace, but this is NOT for anything subjective, works for me

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    It's rare that we get asked for extra footage, but if we do, then we offer it on DVtape at 25 each. Everyone has accepted that the best stuff really is on their DVD.
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