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Thread: Encoding out multiple parts question

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    Default Encoding out multiple parts question

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    I am encoding out a video into multiple 5 minute parts.
    So my dilemma is this.

    If I instruct the program to encode 00.00.00 to 05.00.00 to get the first 5 minutes.
    Should the next file encoded out which will be the next five minutes be :
    05.00.00 to 10.00.00 ?
    Or should it be 05:00:01 to 10.00.00 ?
    Im not sure.
    Any help?.

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    The first sugestion (05.00.00 to 10.00.00) would give you a repeat frame as the 05.00.00 frame is in the first and second sections. The later (05:00:01 to 10.00.00) would work but your not getting exactly 5 minute parts this way, the first part is 5 minutes and 1 frame. If you make the first 00.00.00 to 04.59.24 (assuming 25fps or 1 frame less that frame rate if not) then the rest to suit you'll get exactly 5 minute sections.

    This is because the first frame is numbered "0" rather than "1".


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    Thanks David, the piece is 24fps and it is exactly 20:11:00
    So this 20 minute 11 seconds doesn't need to be precisely 5 minute clips. I have to export it to uncompressed to rejoin later in NLE simply because the direct H264 encoding is somehow botched for me.

    So if I went like this Part 1 : 00:00:00:00 - 05:00:00 to Part 2 00:05:00:01 - 00:10:00:00 to Part 3 00:10:00:01 - 0015:00:00 to Part 4 00:15:00:01 - 00:20:11:00
    Would that work out without frames being doubled?.

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    If you use batch render (under scripts) and place regions on the time line you can automate the whole process

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    When it comes to the workings of Vegas your better listening to a Vegas user such as what is offered by Z Cheema above, but you've now got the repeat frame thing.

    I just thought I'd add more as you mention exporting uncompressed. It makes sense as it's easier on the processor than highly compressed formats. This you realise already, but you don't need to go the full hog uncompressed route. There are intermediate editing codecs designed specifically for the purpose that get a great compromise, such as the free Avid DNxHD codec (available on the Avid site).

    I see no reason that Vegas wouldn't be able to use it if installed on your machine, but maybe wait and see if a Vegas user can confirm this. It would help dramatically on storage space.


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    Uncompressed files are massive (good as masters) and cause a strain on the HDD as it works overtime to get all that data quickly enough for the NLE to use.

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    Thanks for the help and advice. I will try the suggestions mentioned. I find the uncompressed files good but essentially the only way I can get this piece out from the NLE and there is some issue with using H264.

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