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Thread: newbie in need of advice (concerning divx files and other stuff)

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    Default newbie in need of advice (concerning divx files and other stuff)

    first i really couldnt figure where to post this im hoping that it will be noticed here and some kind soul will give me advice!

    Ok im a gamer, and like many gamers when confronted with games that allow us to record video i have first thought very cool then found the limits (can only export 15 seconds or can only share on a certain site or can only watch in game), so i brought myself a roxio capture device, i love it now i brought extra cables for better quality etc lol

    now it can record in sd while i play in hd (very cool, i dont need massive hd files after all and the quality is good, ill link to some at the bottom(hope thats ok) )

    i have 3 choices
    avi (massive files which seem less clear)
    wmv (sound goes funny video is awful)
    divx (the one i use clear video small size only the occasional sound glitch (the sound may speed up or slow down a sec)
    It comes with its own editing software which works great on my pc but my laptop...well some times the video freezes but if i play the same file in vlc no freeze...wierd
    both my computers have windows 7 64 bit, home edition on the laptop, good knows what on my home pc (im at work at mo)

    ok so thats the details now the questions
    1) can you guys recommand a video editing software (free for preference, i dont earn much money, 64 bit may be really good too!) that can handle .divx files
    (vegas pro seems to be a popular favorite though the trial version wont open .divx files and i nearly had a heart attack when i saw the price of the full version)
    2) is there a way to take bits out of a divx file and save them with out re-encoding ...for example say you have a 50 minute video of a game and you want to extract just the bits where you got kills as seperate files with out the need to re encode
    (at the moment i can do this by cutting the clip before the kill then after it, deleteing the segments before and after then exporting it as a new file (which it re-encodes) a timely process that is somewhat annoying specialy when you have to keep loading the same file)
    3) if i add commentry as a seperate track in the program that comes with it and re-encode the audio goes out of sync, is thiss my pc or the program or a fact of life with adding large audio narations
    (see example 2 for what i mean)
    4) is there any editing software that would allow you when doing picture in picture swap which was the main screen and which was the secondary, multiple times while editing, so for example in "example 1" i could of had my screen main when i was doing well and when my mate did well had them switch over
    5) is there any sources for free music i can add to the background of clips with out getting in trouble ?
    (my mate uplaoded a fantastic clip of me and him, it was done as a trailer but used a real song (that he owns) and you tube immediatly said the video could not be played as it has copyrighted stuff from emi on it) (bear in mind were not posting vids to make money, were not using adverts or anything just want to share cool moments with like minded people)
    6) any tips for a newbie, im not trying to be amazing just want to share my gaming and entertain a bit

    example 1 (a long vid but shows me and my mate playing together (he has a roxio too) im pleased that i got the audio in sync for the two sources)
    example 2 (another long vid, shows the naration which was recorded using the video editing software i got with the card after the video was made, and how although i recorded it while re-watching the vid it goes steaderly out of sync, you hear for example say that was close and a second later i nearly hit a post, wish i could record my voice while recording the game play but the device only accepts red white phono not microphone and im pretty sure you cant combine two red white phono coneections from two different audio sources into one cable )
    example 3(removed as i cant have more then 4 images or videos)
    example 4(removed as above)
    example 5

    example 6 (last one, this just shows an effect i thought may be cool, speed up all but the kills and deaths...the resulting video just looks, well bad and took a very long time to edit i posted it to gamefaq forums and no one liked it at all)

    all help and advice VERY greatfully recieved

    on a hardware note, if anyone knows a way to get microphone audio added to the normal audio (maybe thiers a box that can take the red white cables and microphone in, splice it together and output it as red white again?) also if anyone knows a way to take hdmi out from a pc (or dvi) and turn it into component (red green blue phono cables), both of these would help me no end!

    EDIT* one of the examples i removed showed how i added text, as i dont know how to make an editor cause the video to freeze for a second or two and display text then resume (think like the old silent movies) i had to split a second of the video inot its own scene play at 0.1 speed and overlay the text ontop of it...theres GOT to be a better way!
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    having just read a load of posts on here i get the feeling i may not get any help, you all seem like absolute professionals, i found the site by googling video editing forum.

    on the plus side i did find a source for royaltiy free music (you merely have to mention them, not sure i can post the link here as it may be considered advertising?) but atleast that is question 5 answered, i also found a guide explaning in more detail then i can comprehend the differences between free and open source and licensed music including cloud licensing (were a group of people license the actual clouds are hired...which sounds more like a timeshare), when you find the correct terms its handy ... google for free music got a lot of bad for royalty free music got a lot of info lol

    still need help on the others if some one can advise a complete armature


    ok found another solution to question 2
    Theres a free application called virtual dub, seems if you install the xvid codec (wierd that i needed the xvid one to work on the divx codec lol) then drop your file into it, set audio and video to direct stream, then all you have to do is find the bit u want to extract and hit home at the start of it and end at the end and save as avi

    to anyone wandering why im answering my own questions, its 2 fold....1 it shows im not just sat waiting for the answers to be handed to me, and 2 some one may find my thread when looking for a smilier problem (the amount of times i have found threads that have the same issue as me with a follow up "all fixed now" and had to count to 10 before searching on lol
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