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Thread: Rendering 1920x1080x12p 59.4 fps project

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    Cool Rendering 1920x1080x12p 59.94 fps project

    Hello, I have Panasonic HDC-TM900 camcorder whish record .m2ts files 1920x1080x12p 59.94 fps. Panasonic supply software which fully support this format but it is very primitive for editing. Creating and editing project in Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas is OK, but I cannot find option for 1080p 59.94fps RENDERING: I found 1080i 59.94fps or 1080p 29,97fps. What can you suggest to do for minimize quality drop of project output file or which software it is better to use for produce 1080p 59.94 fps. output files
    Thank you in advance.
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    Just modify one of the presets.

    Try WMV.

    When rendering from Vegas, click the 8mbps 1080p preset as a base (once selecting WMV), and click customise... then in the video tab set the bitrate to at least 16mbps, and the framerate to "59.94 (Double NTSC)".

    You'll also want to make sure that the pixel aspect ratio is "1.000 (square)", and that the dimensions are 1920x1080 by selecting "custom" from the "image size" dropdown box and inputting the numbers yourself.

    Hope this helps.

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    Where did you get that it shoots at 59.4 fps ?

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    Default 1920x1080x12p 59.94 fps project

    sorry, 59.94 (not 59.4). I can set up camcorder to 60fps and to see file properties on Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier as 1920x1080x12p 59.94 fps

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    I will try THX!

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    what country are you in ?

    with my SD700 i record at 1080p 50fps and in premiere render setting, H.264 - HDTV- 1080p High Quality this is .mp4 format. i burn to bluray or dvd. usually decent quality and very smooth playback.

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    I thought so. 59.94 is double NTSC which is a standard frame rate that Sony Vegas has as a frame rate in the properties and render options so you can match it.

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