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Thread: New to the forum...Looking for advice on dvd production

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    Default New to the forum...Looking for advice on dvd production

    Hello Forum...

    I am looking for advice on a camera that will be suitable to use for putting together a small dvd project. I am putting together a small educational dvd for resale and need a camera of suitable quality that will allow me to do this - Its almost 14 years since I have done anything like this and the technology has just zoomed past me! The last camera I used was a shoulder mounted one which took vhs tapes and we edited analogue!

    Basically I am looking for something that will be suitable for a dvd production, my budget is under 1000, I know thats really small in video terms, but thats what I have to work with .

    I have looked at a Canon XL1 or a Sony XM2 - Would either do my job?

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    Hi there and welcome.

    If your still searching, Would you mind answering the following questions.

    A) Can you post an example of the quality level you are aiming to produce. I'm sure you could find a training video on youtube that would suffice.
    B) Is this a one off project or are you going to be producing content on a regular basis?

    I personally would go for the Canon over the Sony but that is down to personal taste more than anything else!

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    Something of this style and quality

    Fieldsports Britain, episode 1, 12th August 2009 - YouTube

    And as for the project, I hope it would continue from this initial one and grow into a series of produtions.

    Im thinking I may be able to push my budget to the SONY NEX VG10EV - Any thoughts?

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    That production is quite "high budget" so I think you might struggle to pull it off to start off with.

    As for the camera, Find a rental house in your area and just try it out Better to spend 100 and go "actually, camera is rubbish" then 1000 and go "oh no! What a useless camera"

    For producing DVDs for sale to the public, I'm not sure 1K budget will get you there to be honest, Have you factored in microphones? Tripod? Lighting? Use of your time to create it all?

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    Funny, I watched a later one in the series (about bullets and gunpowder, as it happens) and I didn't think it was particularly high-spec camera, although the Editing was spot-on as was sound and so on.

    The Sony NE10 is an ugly camera with a bulky non-electric zoom up front. Certainly it has a large sensor and the audio is reported as high quality (and I believe it has ext mic input which is "almost" essential for anything professionally produced).
    However, the definition from DVD isn't that great, so you can get away with lesser kit. But if low-light is likely then a decent sensor will help. Maybe consider a DSLR, the Canons are popular as Vid cameras and can take quite long lenses.

    The vid I watched included high-level shots so I suspect this is a hired "crane" shot. That needs a lot of planning and "teamwork" - you'll need a reliable small group to tackle this and Audio as well as act as second camera crew for shots that are 1-offs.

    The Sony sensor is the same as in the NEX5, I understand - and that's what I use; although it has no external mic input. It's lightweight means high-level shots are easily taken with a monopod. The vid quality is surprisingly good and my DVD's are perfectly acceptable. However, I don't think I could achieve the pace I saw - but that comes with experience and dedication.

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    "However, the definition from DVD isn't that great, so you can get away with lesser kit."
    I've seen many DVD videos and films which look superb, Are you referring to the pixel size of the image? Or something else?

    Buying a fancy HD camera for an all DVD production is pointless as you will be down-scaling all footage to 16:9 Pal resolution anyway.

    Oh and don't skimp on the audio side of the video! It can turn a good video into a bad one or a good video into a great video.

    "Funny, I watched a later one in the series (about bullets and gunpowder, as it happens) and I didn't think it was particularly high-spec camera,"
    I suspect that might be someone cutting corners due to the budget being slashed somewhat...Switching the camera halfway through the series.

    How did it compare to the video in this thread?

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    Thanks for the advice guys...From your replies I have a lot to learn...

    I am keen to proceed with this project however, and really need advice on what I should purchase!

    As I have said, I need something in and around 1000 that will give me a good quality image for dvd.

    This evening I have fried my mind looking at the literally hundreds of pro and semi pro cameras, I could buy new pro sumer, second hand pro (older models) etc and there is just so much choice I have no idea!

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    The following are within my reach, I have access to anything else at no cost, mics etc...

    What do you recommend?


    SONY HD1000E



    I am also thinking of doing it on a DSLR, 7D, A77...along those lines?


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